Sunday, April 30, 2006

My US Experiences

Sometimes I feel extremely homemsick.A great dilemma whether to live here or go back to India.

Lease a mile offer!

International citizen!!

Honeymoon Europe...japan

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Coming out of comfort zone

Yesterday we had a Southwest geocluster meet in Infosys. Around 250 people came. You won't believe me I was the anchor in that program.And it was OK kind of performance.

We had different game shows and lucky coupons. I don't understand all these rich people still are so crazy to go for small amount of moneys...

The musical program was primarily by three US settlled Pakistani artists.Mansoor(has business and a professional in Phoenix for last 5 years)Yusoof(Intel Electrical Engineer in US for last 22 years) and Zahrila(woman singer...a banker by profession)...

Food was OK...Indian cuisine after long time...

Monday, March 20, 2006

US Some smart ideas

Highway Engineering:

Ramp and Exit Roads
Grooved Lines for makings sounds to caution the driver that the car is out of control.

Comforter: Gadda cum blanket

$1+$1 Washing $1 30 minutes...done
$1 Drying 45 minutes...done.

Great time saver!!

Bus: Auto announncement

People obey rules: Everything is connected to money. Every time you break a traffic rule you will get ticket and this will be tracked throughout your life. Your insurance premium will increase.So is the reason for so organized public life.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

sunshine:One of the best blog written by bengali girls

sunshine:just enjoy...

Tathagata The Great

Ron's Musings is for them who are passioanate about cricket and finance.He is one of my best friend and currently doing his masters in US.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

US Experience:A to Z

Thinking of a long comprehensive description of US travel?


I live in Arizone(AZ) Phoenix...

So I demand that I have completed US from A to Z.

Today I first played Lawn was a great experience...

A lot of activity today...last night slogged a lot for the online course(Free for 7 days I have to complete it by any means)...

Today went to wal mart...baught the racket....went to swimming pool for swimming ...and then tennis...

Yesterday we went to hooters(

Good food,wine, and beautiful girls showing skin...full-proof business plan...I saw a link to fortune case study in their home page...


Saturday, March 11, 2006

US Experience:Random ones

Mar 9, 2006

Missing higher education and doing some crap stuff.
Friends are joining IIMs and US MS. Visited ASU west campus yesterday. Wonderful.

Both incoming and outgoing is charged here for mobile. Have to know the passcode to make use of it in India.

Good internet speed. Able to visit conference videos.

First visit: Kolkata->Singapore (wonderful airport) ->Tokyo->LA->Phoenix

Mr Randy (CEO enucleus) helped me to manage wireless at 14k feet and helped me to adjust my logistics. Wonderful. I feel honored.

Planning to buy a digicam. Sony DSCH1

Visit Plan:

Mexican Food

Hollywood Universal studio/Disneyland/LA/SFO/Grand Canyon/Las Vegas

NY Time sq/Statue of liberty/Niagra/Florida/NASA/Miami

National Parks(badlands national park,yellowstone national park,grand teton national park,great sand dunes national park)

Hoover dam

Gila Monster Lizard in Arizona

Static Electricity Problem

Free cold drinks

One of the problem is "Problem of plenty" have so many options to buy things that you become confused. I think this is a serious problem...

Last wednesday I went to Arizona state university(one of the best in US) for a guided was a wonderful experience...

Another advantage here is high speed can see live videos of different university lectures...that's my weekend timepass...

What I told before...if you really want to go for higher education US is the place to be...

I am a little bit confused about my career...want to go for higher education....or at least change the job of software...because simply put I do not like MBA in US seems to me as an impossible needed is huge...also it's not value for money...

Another option is I need some guidance...I consulted one ex JU student...she is bengali and based in US...she told that Phd is a tough will become frustrated simply because of money need in US...

If anybody in IIT can guide me in this regard...

Now the time is against me...I really don't like to settle down in US...I like to be in India although it has a lot of to be close to my familty friends in their most important times(marriage etc.)...

so let's see what happens...I have seen nothing in my life was as I do not plan any more...but still...academics and literary world is the world for me...not this corporate world...its really stupid...

Wednesday, May 11, 2005


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